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Winter Is Coming Posted by on Sep 30, 2008

Oh no! Ceci made a comment about the weather and how wonderful the autumn colors are this time of the year. Yes, they indeed are. But I’m not a fan of autumn. Why? Winter comes next! In fact tonight is the perfect time to begin writing about winter. It’s the first time this fall (winter?)…

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Illegal Immigrants in Sweden? Posted by on Sep 28, 2008

I’ve been reading the news like I always do and because this is Sweden, the news are not all that interesting. An elderly man died after swallowing his dentures. A hurricane warning issued for Norrland for this weekend. Yes, it’s blowing like crazy, branches are falling off of trees and stuff. For real. Three charged…

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Job Scam Targeting English-Speakers Posted by on Sep 25, 2008

I was going to tell you about “tvättstuga” today, but then realized that there are more pressing subjects in the world today. And no, I am not talking about the American banking crisis. I am talking about this article in The Local: “An experienced scam artist has been targeting English speaking jobseekers in Sweden, luring…

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Swedish Verbs, part 2 Posted by on Sep 23, 2008

A few posts back we started to discuss Swedish verbs, remember? And I told you that those verbs can be divided into two big groups: “ar” and “er”. I also mentioned that there is a third group and then promptly refused to say anything else about it. Oh yes, that third verb group. This is…

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Stick It To The System(et) Posted by on Sep 21, 2008

So, I’m half way through this Bill Bryson book “Neither Here Nor There” about his travels in Europe, and it is really interesting to read his observations about Sweden. With some of them I disagree (he thinks that driving even during sunny days with the headlights on is stupid) and with some I totally agree…

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Swedish Customer Service Posted by on Sep 17, 2008

Few topics can fire up an expat living in Sweden as much as “Swedish customer service.” Or not even an expat. Swedes, who lived abroad for an extended period of time, like to discuss it, too. Really, it’s one of those ever-green subjects that can go on forever. And just what is it about the…

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Swedish Verbs, part 1 Posted by on Sep 12, 2008

Long, long time ago, I think in one of my earliest posts, I said that Swedish verbs are easier than English. And for the most part, that is indeed true. There is no goofy “–s” in the third person singular, no irregular “to be”, the auxiliary “do” is gone altogether, and “have/has” is simply “har”…

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