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Victoria och Daniel gifter sig! Posted by on Feb 25, 2009

There’s one less eligible princess in the world today! Victoria and Daniel are getting married! Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden, Duchess of Västergötland (Kronprinsessan Victoria, Sveriges kronprinsessa, hertiginna av Västergötland) and her long-time boyfriend – Daniel Westling announced their engagement yesterday. And it was about time! They’ve been together for seven years now, if I…

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Swedish Magazines – Vagabond Posted by on Feb 23, 2009

One of my favorite Swedish magazines is Vagabond. I like to travel and I like to read about travel, be it in Swedish or in English. Vagabond is Sveriges största resemagasin and is written in a clear, easy-to-understand language (after all, it has to appeal to a wide demographic, because all sorts of people like…

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Sportlov Season Is Upon Us Posted by on Feb 21, 2009

And that’s “lov,” NOT “love,” not to be confused, and the meaning is totally different as well. Sportlov, aka vinterlov, or skidlov is simply Swedish for “winter school break.” But lov is a tricky word – it has several meanings, and depending on the meaning, it can be either an “ett” or “en” word, or…

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The Pirate Bay Trial Posted by on Feb 18, 2009

The buzz in Sweden this week seems to be all about the Pirate Bay trial. Unless you’ve been living under a rock on planet Zog, you have most likely heard about file sharing. I have purposely left out the word “illegal” from the previous sentence, because file sharing comes in all sorts of shapes and…

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De fyra tjejerna från Robertsfors Posted by on Feb 16, 2009

You ask, I deliver. At least, I try to deliver. And since you asked about music, what better band to start with than our four local girls from Robertsfors? Yes, it’s Sahara Hotnights time! I have to admit, I hadn’t been always a Sahara Hotnights fan. But my friend’s daughter subjected me to repeated doses…

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Alla hjärtans dag Posted by on Feb 15, 2009

That’s what Valentine’s Day is called in Sweden. alla – all hjärta (def. hjärtat, pl. hjärtan, def. pl. hjärtana) – heart dag – day You’d know immediately that something is up by all the chocolate hearts at the supermarkets. And for those on a strict budget there are boxes of red geléhjärtan (as Mats has…

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“Swedish – An Essential Grammar” – book review Posted by on Feb 13, 2009

“Swedish – An Essential Grammar” Authors: Philip Holmes and Ian Hinchliffe Published by Routledge ISBN: 0-415-16048-0 I totally forgot I had this book. Yesterday I was cleaning out some stuff and whoops, it just fell out of the box and hit me on the head. I think I packed it away because once upon a…

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