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Victoria och Daniel gifter sig! Posted by on Feb 25, 2009 in Culture

There’s one less eligible princess in the world today! Victoria and Daniel are getting married!

Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden, Duchess of Västergötland (Kronprinsessan Victoria, Sveriges kronprinsessa, hertiginna av Västergötland) and her long-time boyfriend – Daniel Westling announced their engagement yesterday. And it was about time! They’ve been together for seven years now, if I remember correctly.

This is of course big news in Sweden. When I went to the supermarket this morning, Victoria’s smiling face was staring at me from every front page of every newspaper. And the wedding is not even until 2010. Can you imagine how bad the coverage will get by the time the couple actually ties the knot?

Swedes are not as obsessed about their royal family as some other nations (yes, the British immediately come to mind) but most people do have a keen interest in what goes on at the Royal Castle, especially when it comes to royal gossip.

So, what about this guy Victoria will be marrying next year?

They met in 2002, and get this – he was her personal fitness trainer. Daniel Westling is not a royal. He’s just a gym owner, he runs a company called Balance Training in Stockholm.

I like the fact that Princess Victoria is marrying a commoner. A few years ago, when asked in an interview about royals marrying ordinary people, this is what she said:
“I think the general idea of Swedes is that it’s the modern way to marry someone that you love, not necessarily where she or he comes from.”

And I couldn’t agree more. A very sensible approach to a very important issue, which just goes to prove once again that Sweden is a very egalitarian society, indeed.

If you want to get your fill of all things Victoria, head to the Swedish Radio webpage. They have a special section devoted to the upcoming royal wedding. And as always with SR, it’s written in clear and concise svenska.

  • förlovning (def. förlovningen, pl. förlovningar, def.pl. förlovningarna) – löfte mellan två personer om att de ska gifta sig senare – an agreement (promise) between two people to get married later on, an engagement.
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  1. Judy Jones:

    Hejsan! I lived in Sweden 30 years ago (som utbytesstudent) when Victoria, the little princess was just a sweet, darling baby for whom the Swedes were lauding attention and praise. It’s hard to believe she’s all grown up and getting married now! It seems like such a short time ago! I wish her well!

  2. Kenia:

    I find it great that Victoria and her boyfriend are finally engaged despite him not being a royal. I admire her for her comments regarding love, I completely agree: it shouldn’t be limited by prejudices that involve social origin or nationality. Cool that swedes don’t care about such things.

  3. David from Oregon:

    Princess Victoria marrying a commoner shouldn’t be too shocking. Afterall wasn’t her mother, Silvia, a commoner? Wasn’t Silvia a German hostess of some kind before marrying the king? And besides, how many suitable princes are there nowadays for Victoria to meet up with?

  4. David from Oregon:

    I see that squabbling has broken out between the republikaner and the rojalister over who should pay for Victoria’s wedding. The republikaner think that the King should pay for the wedding and not receive an additional allowance for the wedding cost at the expense of the Swedish taxpayers. Every other Swedish family has to pay for their own wedding, so why shouldn’t the King have to foot the bill himself. The royal family already gets an yearly allowance (apanage) of 57.4 million kronor for… for… for whatever the royal family does. The rojalister apparently think it’s just fine for the Swedish taxpayers to pay for Victoria’s wedding.


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