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To work in Sweden I. (Type of employment) Posted by on Aug 31, 2011

Tillsvidareanställning: Post with conditional tenure. Usually starts with a period of 3 to 6 month so called provanställning. Provanställning: Trial period of employment. Maxiumum 6 months and usually leads to a permanent job. Visstidsanställning: Fixed-term contracts. Vikariat: Temporary post/job. (Doing someone elses job tasks until the person returns). Projektanställning: Employment on a special project. Timanställning: Pay…

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Swedes and physical contact Posted by on Aug 31, 2011

I never really thought about how physical relationships in different countries might be or how our physical interaction with each other takes place. In my case I was born and grew up in Sweden, so I took the way I had always been doing things to be the “right” way. At school my friends and…

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Age Discrimination in Sweden? Posted by on Aug 29, 2011

I have been refused entry to a bar in Stockholm. Because of my age. I was 23 at the time. The drinking age in Sweden is 18, and the age at which you can buy alcohol from Systembolaget is 20. But, at the age of 23, I was still refused. I had not been drinking…

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Lingonsylt – Lingonberry jam Posted by on Aug 26, 2011

I, like very many other Swedes,  love to pick berries. First, summer comes with its  season of strawberries and wild strawberries followed by the beginning of fall with its raspberries and blueberries. It’s a wild struggle to pick as many berries of one kind before the weather changes cause the remaining berries to wilt. During…

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Sweden prioritizes recycling Posted by on Aug 25, 2011

It’s funny the things which you notice sometimes. Just the other day I moved into an apartment, one that was built quite a few years back. The linoleum floors, the big windows and the kitchen were the things I noticed, but what I noticed most of all was that under the kitchen sink there was…

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Kräftskivor – The Swedish Crayfish Party Posted by on Aug 24, 2011

It’s August. You knew that though. What you might not have known though is that August is also the month for crayfish parties throughout Sweden (and really wherever I find myself in the US). Crayfish are essentially tiny little lobsters. A form of shellfish that is common in Cajun culture. In Swedish culture though, the…

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Swedish hard bread is called Knäckebröd Posted by on Aug 23, 2011

Knäckebröd is a crisp and hard bread made out of Swedish rye. About 85% of Swedish households eat “Knäckebröd”, compared to about 45% in Germany and only 8% in France. Knäckebröd originated in amongst others the province Värmland in Sweden. This hard bread is rolled out to thin, flat cakes with a blunt spiked rolling-pin…

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