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Meeting Someone New – in Swedish Posted by on Jul 31, 2013

Last week we learned about animals. It’s fun, it helps the vocabulary, but the word for hippo might not be all that useful (it’s flodhäst, in case you’re wondering). But one thing that will be useful is how to start a conversation with someone you just met. That’s one of the beauties of traveling. New…

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Lions and Tigers and Bears… in Swedish! Posted by on Jul 24, 2013

Some vocabulary lists are more important than others. Some focus on getting you through your everyday life. Some focus on getting you a job. Others though, others are fun. Like swear words. I’m not teaching you swear words though. Katja already took care of that in her great post, “Swedish swear words.” But animal vocabulary lists…

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Homosexuality in Sweden Posted by on Jul 15, 2013

I am very proud of my country for lots of reasons. In many ways equality has come very far in Sweden and that is the image we portray to the outside world. People in other countries usually don’t have any lack of praise for Sweden, and Swedish politicians want Sweden to take on a world…

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Flagga eller vimpel? Posted by on Jul 9, 2013

For those of you who have been to Sweden at some point, you might remember seeing both flags and pennants (vimpel). If you spent a longer period of time you might also have wondered if there was a system for when you are and aren’t allowed to raise the flags. But just when you thought…

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Bus strike in Sweden Posted by on Jul 2, 2013

During the last week in June chaos has crept into the lives of many Swedes. Daily routines have been turned upside down, and why you might ask yourself? Because of the strikes of the local busses. Many people in Sweden, especially in the bigger cities don’t own cars. They completely rely on being able to…

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