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How to express “unless” in Swedish Posted by on Apr 18, 2018

There is an infinite number of grammatical concepts in any language. Swedish is no exception. Although Swedish, in general, has a relatively simple grammatical structure compared to many other European languages (sorry English readers – it’s the truth!), there are still grammatical concepts that are relatively complicated – or so simple that they seem complicated…

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Sounds in Swedish I. Posted by on Apr 16, 2018

This post is definitely for advanced learners, but of course it can be interested for anyone of you. This type of knowledge in a foreign language is required an C1 or higher level in a language. It is usually one of the hardest things to learn and use in a correct way, just like knowing…

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Weapon amnesty in Sweden Posted by on Apr 2, 2018

A flyer found its way down in my mail box the other day. It said “Lämna in vapen” Hand in your weapon. I got pretty surprised (överraskad). There has been three weapon amnesties in my life time. One in 1993 when approximately 17000 unregistered firearms and 15 tons of ammunition were handed in by Swedish…

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