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Swedish Animals by Province – Svenska landskapsdjur Posted by on Mar 24, 2020

Sveriges landskapsdjur

Although it is now technically spring, there is still plenty of snow on the ground where I live. As the snow melts, I have noticed the forest creatures are much more active. The deer are looking for the first patches of grass to nibble on, and the birds are busy cleaning out their nests. I…

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Imperative Verbs and the CoronaVirus in Swedish  Posted by on Mar 17, 2020

The World Health Organization (WHO) has now classified the CoronaVirus (COVID-19) outbreak as pandemic. As the U.S. has recently taken a strict stance on public health and safety, European countries like Sweden are also navigating mass cancellations, implementing strict policies on social interactions, and are facing public health panic. For this week’s blog, I will…

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Highlighting Swedish Poet Karin Boye Posted by on Mar 10, 2020

International Women’s Day on March 8 always makes me think about revolutionary women. Writer Karin Boye is on the top of my list of Swedish trailblazers, recognized as one of the most influential contributors to modern Swedish literature. Known for pushing the boundaries, and raising confronting questions of self-discovery, she brought forth many undiscussed narratives…

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Melodifestivalen “Swedish Song Contest” Breakdown! Posted by on Mar 4, 2020

This weekend wraps up the 60th year of Melodifestivalen. This Swedish song contest is held each year to determine who will represent Sweden against the best songs of other European nations, and well, Australia, and Israel, and a few others. But true Eurovision fans don’t get caught up in those technicalities. Instead, millions of…

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