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Alfons Åberg Posted by on Mar 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

Understanding a culture, and ultimately the language I think it is important to be all round aware/educated in different things. As a person who has grown up in Sweden you just know things. Different phases in your life have given you different cultural baggage.

On this blog we try to give you as many different perspectives on Sweden, Swedish and what is Swedish.

Today I thought I’d introduce a figure who is quite well known, his name is Alfons Åberg. He is a character from a children’s book written by Gunilla Bergström. There are games, books and TV series about Alfons. This book, as you can tell by the quality of the animation is quite old, but none the less still a wonderful children’s show.

Ultimately the author’s main point is to introduce children to different customs, proverbs and Swedish sayings. As it is aimed at younger children the speed of the films/episodes aren’t that fast making it an ideal language practice opportunity.

There is also a lot of insight into Sweden as it was during the 70’s or 80’s. In all an interesting program worth spending a couple of minutes on, practicing your Swedish.



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  1. Jack:

    Tack! Alfons är den bäste och mycket hjälpsom med språket.