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And the winner is… Posted by on May 14, 2010 in Swedish Language

Remember the book competition? Thank you once again for the big interest!! And since it’s Friday, sunshine, almost post work and soon pre party, we all of a sudden have two winners instead of one! (Though I’m in the office still and I don’t have any camera here, so you’ll just have to trust me on this one…)

The lucky two this time are…

Kris and Leticia!!!

Grattis till er! I will email you soon very soon with some title suggestions, hopefully there will be something on there that suits you. And to the rest of you, I guess we’ll have to do this again, don’t we?

Have a great weekend and if you want the clues to the horrific Adjective puzzle from yesterday, just check the comments to this post!

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  1. jennie:

    AVUNDSJUK (1,1,SE)
    BITTER (7,15,E)
    GULLIG (15,13,NW)
    HUNGRIG (15,12,W)
    OSKYLDIG (10,1,SW)
    PINSAM (8,7,NE)
    SKIMRANDE (4,5,S)
    TORR (1,12,SE)
    TYST (3,10,S)
    VACKER (5,13,N)

  2. Letícia:

    OMG I actually WON?! :O
    See, I’m home with a cold and this made my day a lot better. Tack så mycket, Jennie! 😀

  3. Luke (Sydney):

    Grattis till er och gratis till er. 😉