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Since all your comments and inputs are such a great source of inspiration, would you be willing to help out with a little experiment?

What about this: You think of a title suggestion and post it as a comment here or on Facebook. Out of all your brilliant title suggestions, we pick a few and write posts about exactly that. Anything goes, as long as it has a connection to our belowed Sweden (and is relatively short…) of course. But perhaps something in the line of “The perfect meatball recipe!” or “The clock – in Swedish” or “Swedish check up-lines” or “Swedish politics – an introduction” or literally what ever you would like.

Allright? Let the title-dropping begin! 


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  1. davinia:

    “Swedish and rock and roll”

  2. Samantha:

    “Top Ten Swedish Books/Authors”


    “Top ten Swedish films of all time”

  3. Julie Akhurst:

    Brilliant idea!

    What do Swedes think of the English/Americans?

    Why is Swedish children’s literature some of the best in the world? And does Pippi Longstocking embody some basic Swedishness that makes her such a national emblem?

    What are the different characteristics of people from different parts of Sweden? What are the main differences in accent?

    What do Swedes think of people from the other Scandinavian countries? And what do they think of the Swedes?

    Tack – I’ll probably think of dozens more now!

  4. Julie Akhurst:

    Just thought of another one – why do they write such massive quantities of great crime fiction?

  5. Marta:

    – The perfect fika
    – Are Swedes interested/do they want a royal family?
    -The invasion of Swedish furniture

  6. Nikita Koselev:

    “Moving to Sweden with almost 0 level of swedish language knowledge” 🙂

  7. Majlis Hanson:

    How about Swedish’s post secondary education system?

  8. ashley:

    How to find an English speaking job in Sweden?

  9. Beth:

    What do Swedes think of American/ Swedish couples living in Sweden?

  10. km:

    Swedish Dating Customs — how do Swedes meet and start relationships (since it appears that they can be very private unless you are in the “inner” social circle such as a colleague at work or school)

    Sambo Relationship — when does it have the context of marriage? what is it exactly?

  11. Karen Rusch:

    How about:

    How to find Swedish books in the U.S. without spending a fortune (in Swedish, of course.)

    How to improve and/or maintain your Swedish when you have no one to practice speaking with.

  12. John:

    The Swedish Military

  13. Xavier O:

    Go hunting in Sweden!
    Swedish agriculture, forests and fishing.
    Swedish traditional cuisine.

  14. Luke (Sydney):

    I am truely not interested but I am surprised that no one dropped “The top 10 pickup lines” (in Swedish and from Sweden of course).

  15. Xavier O:

    I reckon prude is not the fashion any more so I assume that you are either married or a priest? :p
    Anyway I’m utterly interested, nice one!

  16. Jennie:

    Brilliant! Fantastic! Thank you ever so much for great brainstorming. Now to the tricky bit -to choose where to start. Watch this space!

  17. Luke (Sydney):

    Ha, thank you Xavier. I collected over one hundred English pickup lines yet have never tried one—there goes the proof that I am truely not interested—but now I know WHY I haven’t tried one…lol

  18. Carla:

    Great blog! I’d love posts for all the red days and special days, a lot of them have been covered I guess. ex: eating semlor on the day before Lent starts and Swedish Cinnamon Bun Day.

  19. Irv Larson:

    First of all thanks for all your blogs. Here are a few titles that could be explored:

    Swedish runestones
    Swedish Vikings in Russia around 1000 AD
    Oldest University-Uppsala Univ.
    Famous Swedish SCientists such as Aders Celsius
    Alfred Nobel and where to find museums and his laboratories in Sweden and Russia(Maybe can not be found)


    My mother was Swedish, my father English. So, am I Anglo Svensk or Svensk Anglo (I reckon my Mother wins She was from Skellefteå!) One thing for sure though and, however you look at it, the perfect combination! OJ, VAD BRA!!!!


    Following on from the comments by Karen Rusch –

    Hi karen, the same applies in England – I can’t get Swedish books / dvd’s etc. (even the employees at our local IKEA store don’t speak Swedish – every product has a large tag attahed explaining what it is in Swedish – fy fan!!!!)

  22. Martin:

    Cursing/swearing in Swedish and appropriate contexts – they don’t teach that in language classes!