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Computer Vocabulary in Swedish (Part 1) Posted by on Feb 27, 2012 in Swedish Language, Vocabulary

Have you ever wondered how to say “motherboard” in Swedish? Well, now is your chance to find out! Here I have compiled a list of important terms you can use to help describe your computer in Swedish more specifically.

en bildskärm – a monitor. skärmar, skärmen, skärmarna.

en bärbar dator – a laptop. bärbara datorer, [den] bärbara datorn, [de] bärbara datorerna.

en cd-läsare/-brännare – a cd reader/writer. läsare/brännare, läsaren/brännaren, läsarna/brännarna.

ett chassi – a chassis. chassin, chassit, chassina.

en dator – a computer. datorer, datorn, datorerna.

en fläkt – a fan. fläktar, fläkten, fläktarna.

ett grafikkort – a graphics card. kort, kortet, korten.

en hårddisk – a hard drive. diskar, disken, diskarna.

en högtalare – a speaker. högtalare, högtalaren, högtalarna.

en [ström-/internet]kabel – a power/internet cable. kablar, kabeln, kablarna.

en knapp – a button. knappar, knappen, knapparna.

ett ljudkort – a sound card. kort, kortet, korten.

ett moderkort – a motherboard. kort, kortet, korten.

en mus – a mouse. möss, musen, mössen. (Some people even use the conjugations musar, musen, musarna in a computer context.)

ett nätaggregat – a power supply. aggregat, aggregatet, aggregaten.

en processor – a processor. processorer, processorn, processorerna.

en tangent – a key (such as on a keyboard). tangenter, tangenten, tangenterna.

ett tangentbord – a keyboard. bord, bordet, borden.

Now, take a look at your computer, and practice these terms. Good luck!

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  1. Kendra:

    It would be more useful as a language-learner if you produced narrative content about new vocabulary instead of posting lists.

  2. Rastik:

    One word I use often nowadays:
    en pekskärm – a touch screen