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Education Vocabulary in Swedish Posted by on Oct 9, 2012 in Vocabulary

Plenty of readers here are working on their Swedish as they study away at university. So what better way than to include yet another vocabulary list? This one covers about about 20 different fields of study and an extra 15 words or so. It’s a long vocabulary list this time. It’s a long vocabulary this time though because several of these words should look very familiar to you. Take advantage of those words, they should be much easier to learn!

I’ve almost assuredly missed your field of study. For that, I’m sorry. But, definitely feel free to include your field of study in the comments below. T.ex. Jag läser __________ på universitetet.

As always, good luck!



(en) arkitektur architecture
(en) biologi biology
(en) datavetenskap computer science
(en) ekonomi economics
(en) företagsekonomi business economics
(en) fysik physics
(en) historia history
(en) ingenjörsvetenskap engineering
(en) journalistik journalism
(en) juridik law
(en) kemi chemistry
(en) konst art
(en) lingvistik linguistics
(en) litteratur literature
(en) matematik mathematics
(en) matte math
(en) medicin medicine
(en) sociologi sociology
(en) språkvetenskap linguistics
(en) statsvetenskap political science
(en) teologi theology
en föreläsning lecture
en grundskola elementary school
en högskola college/technical college
en klass class
en lärare teacher
en lektion lesson/class
en skola school
ett biämne minor (secondary field of study)
ett föredrag lecture
ett huvudämne a major (main field of study)
ett universitet university
läsa read/study at university
plugga study
studera study


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  1. Karrie:

    Jag läser lantbruksdjur avel och genetik på universitet. Jag är nästan klart. Det har varit himla kul men också jobbigt!!!

  2. Marcus Cederström: