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Sjuk, sjukare, sjukast Posted by on Jan 29, 2010 in Swedish Language, Vocabulary

It’s a well known fact that January is not a very exciting month. One reason is that almost everyone is post Christmas skint (pank). Anonther reason is that the weather is pretty horrible – at least in this part of the world. But the biggest reason of all is probably the state people are in. Everyone seem to get sick in one way or another this time of the year – me included – and since the last couple of weeks has evolved around the bed, paracetamol and a nose more red than Rudolf’s, I thought I’d get some use out of it. Therefore, today’s post we’ll be about words and phrases – awful but useful – about being ill.

Jag har = I have…
= fever/temperature
…influensa = flu
…huvudvärk/ont i huvudet= headache
…ont i magen = stomach ache
…ont i halsen = sore throat
…ont i kroppen = body ache
…svininfluensan = swine flue

Jag är = I am…
= sick/ill
…förkyld = having a cold
…magsjuk = vomiting, nausea (direct translation: belly sick)
…illamående = nauseous
…allergisk mot… = allergic to

Jag mår = I feel…
…skit = shit
…lite bättre = a bit better
…helt okej = alright
…som jag förtjänar = like I deserve

Smärtstillande = painkillers
Penicillin = penicillin
Näsdukar = tissues
Sjukhus = hospital
Halstabletter = lozenges
Smittsamt = contagious
Dålig = poorly
Värk = ache
Vitaminer = vitamins

Jag vill bara sova = I just want to sleep
Glass, tack! = Ice cream, please!
Tyck synd om mig = Feel sorry for me
Jag behöver kärlek och omsorg = I need love and care
Ryck upp dig! = Perk up!
Krya på dig! = Get well soon!

Well. let’s get on with our fredagsmys now, shall we? And enjoy the fact that it’s actually only two short January days left…
Trevlig helg!

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  1. Justin:

    I knew most of the swedish words, but I had to look up “skint”.

  2. jennie:

    Sorry Justin, it’s not you, it’s me… 🙂 It’s a british slang word for “broke” so you probably did know all the Swedish words!

  3. Michael:

    Tack, Jennie. Kyra på dig!

  4. Luke (Sydney):

    If love and icecream fail to work, try some ginger syrup! Kyra på dig!

  5. jennie:

    Love and ice cream is my cure for everything 🙂 And ginger, I must add. Thanks guys!