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Swedish acronyms and abbreviations Posted by on Aug 1, 2012 in Swedish Language, Vocabulary

Just like in English, acronyms (initials for a phrase, such as in English ROM, “read-only memory”) and abbreviations are commonly used in written Swedish. They can be written in all caps, lowercase, or even title form (for example, Rom instead of ROM). Here is a list of some of the more common ones to make your interpreting of Swedish texts more convenient:

Acronym or abbreviation Swedish English
obs. observera Observe; Please note; Caution; Warning
d.v.s. det vill säga In other words
m.a.o. med andra ord In other words
iofs I och för sig per se
el. eller or
t.ex. till exempel for example
fig. figur figure (in a textbook)
ev. eventuellt if necessary; optionally; possibly
o.dyl. och dylikt and the like; and such; and similar
pga på grund av because of; on the grounds of
v. ## vecka ## week ## (In Sweden, it is very common to plan things by week number. The first week of the year is v. 1 osv. This week is v. 31. Keep in mind that weeks start on Mondays in Sweden and most of Europe.)
s.k. så kallad/kallat/kallade so-called
AB aktiebolag corporation
m.m.; m.fl. med mera; med fler etc.
osv. och så vidare etc.
etc. et cetera etc.
f.ö. för övrigt moreover; besides
ang. angående regarding; concerning
ung. ungefär approximately; around; about
f.Kr. före Kristus before Christ (BC)
e.Kr. efter Kristus after Christ; Anno Domini (AD)
jfr jämför compare:; cf.
f.d. före detta former; previous
Mvh Med vänliga hälsningar; Med vänlig hälsning Sincerely (used in closing a friendly letter or other message)
kl. klockan o’clock (used before the given time)
forts. fortsättning continuation; cont’d
bl.a. bland annat among other things; inter alia
t.o.m. till och med up until; through (time)
fr.o.m. från och med starting (when…); ever since
s. ## sidan ## page ##

(In case your wondering, acronyms and abbreviations in Swedish are both types of förkortningar, or shortened forms.)

Hope the list is helpful! Don’t forget to check back for more helpful information about Sweden later!

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    I was just doing some Swedish homework and had some of these abbreviations. Although I knew or could look up their meanings in English, I did not know how to read them in Swedish. Thanks so much for sharing this information.

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