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SwS 7: Not going to a party Posted by on Jan 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

Hej på er!

This week, I’ve put together a guide for negating Swedish sentences—in other words, putting them in the ‘not’ form. I also teach you how to use the Swedish words for ‘always’ and ‘never’, alltid and aldrig, respectively. Enjoy!

One more thing: Remember that you are welcome to comment on any posts with any responses or ideas for blog entries or my video posts! 🙂

Ha en bra helg!

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About the Author: Stephen Maconi

Stephen Maconi has been writing for the Transparent Swedish Blog since 2010. Wielding a Bachelor's Degree in Swedish and Nordic Linguistics from Uppsala University in Sweden, Stephen is an expert on Swedish language and culture.


  1. Danielle:

    I think “kanske” is another one of those words that you put before the verb 🙂
    “Jag kanske gå på bio.”

  2. Danielle:

    Oh and also. I have found that if the sentence starts with “om”, then “inte” goes before the verb.
    “Om du inte gå på bio.”
    “If you not go to movies” -> “If you do not go to the movies.”

  3. Sue Nordin:

    Awesome, Steve! These are great!

  4. Anna:

    Thanks a lot Steve, you made it quite clear and thank you Danielle too for that additional information.

    And since comments and ideas are (highly) appreciated can you guys make a tiny little video about the the difference between preteritum and supinum? I kinda got it but I still make some mistakes…

  5. Marta:

    Your blog is absolutely fantastic 🙂 I am very glad I accidentally found it. Your English is just perfect and here my question arises… where did you learn it so well? Is it because of the movies with subtitles you are famous for watching? Anyway, I’d love to learn Swedish, but it seems to be a difficult language 🙁 I am not a native English speaker, so maybe for me the pronunciation would be easier to learn… I hope so!
    Good job! Keep going. Your posts are brilliant ^^

  6. Sarah:

    First I want to say that this is a great video, and the pronounciation is not far away from perfect 🙂
    I just wanted to add that “Vi går på bio” would be a little bit more correct as “Vi ska gå på bio” = “We shall go to the movies”. “Vi går på bio” is actually not used very much, it’s probably more usefull in the context of: “Hey! Let’s got to the movies!”

    • Steve:

      @Sarah Thanks for your comment! 🙂 Because I haven’t gotten around to expressing future tenses in Swedish yet, I just stuck to the present tense. I’m planning to mention what you wrote here in that episode as well.