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“På svenska fin, if you know what I mean” (The evolution of Swedish Hip Hop) Posted by on Jan 10, 2011

1989 Neneh Cherry aka Neneh Marianne Karlsson – Buffalo Stance. Hip Hop was already popular in the early 1980s in underground clubs in Sweden, but the critics and the media didn´t really appriciate the genre until the breakthrough of Neneh Cherry. Neneh´s brother Eagle Eye Cherry is also a famous musician. Maybe you guys remember one of…

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The evolution of Swedish pop part 1 Posted by on Mar 9, 2010

Modern Swedish pop music has been around for almost four decades on the international scene. We can all agree that it started with ABBA in 1974 at the Eurovision Song Contest. They put Sweden on the map in the music industry. But it has been quite a ride since then, and believe me when I say…

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