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Swedish Music Trivia – April Fools’ Edition!  Posted by on Apr 2, 2021

In April’s Fools Day spirit, we’re going to have a little fun with today’s music blog post. One of my favorite memories of living in Sweden was gathering with friends for a round Musikquiz (Music Trivia) at our local pub. So today, we’re going to play a version of Swedish music trivia in the style of …

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Discover Laleh’s “Sand överallt” on the Musikblogg Posted by on Jan 8, 2021

You’ve made it to the first Swedish blog post of the new year – grattis! 🥳 If you’re a new subscriber, välkommen! If you’re a weekly reader, hej och tack for your readership each week! My first post of each month always has a connection to music. Music is one of my absolute favorite language…

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Melodifestivalen “Swedish Song Contest” Breakdown! Posted by on Mar 4, 2020

This weekend wraps up the 60th year of Melodifestivalen. This Swedish song contest is held each year to determine who will represent Sweden against the best songs of other European nations, and well, Australia, and Israel, and a few others. But true Eurovision fans don’t get caught up in those technicalities. Instead, millions of…

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Melodifestivalen – 2013 Posted by on Mar 5, 2013

It’s time. The final Melodifestivalen is happening this Saturday. Of course, we’ve got a few fans here on the blog who have written about Melodifestivalen before (including me with Melodifestivalen and the other Swedish Schlager), but for those of you who are new to the glory that is Swedish schlager, here’s a quick rundown. Schlager…

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Björn Ranelid – thumbs up or thumbs down? Posted by on Feb 29, 2012

As all you faithful blog readers will know by now, both me and Marcus are huge fans of Melodifestivalen and we have written several posts about this important event throughout the years. Not so much this year though, despite this year’s final might be the most controversial yet. Why? Because one of the final 10…

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Learning Swedish with Janne Lucas Posted by on Nov 22, 2011

I’ve written a couple of posts about Melodifestivalen here at Transparent, one titled (creatively enough) Melodifestivalen and the other (again, my creativity knows no bounds) Swedish Schlager. I am a shameless promoter of schlager music, whether it be Swedish, English, or German. I find the performances hilarious and the catchy songs even more so. It…

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Countdown to Eurovision Song Contest! Posted by on May 4, 2011

As you all know by now, Swedes are crazy about the Eurovision Song Contest and we spend the whole winter meticulously choosing our winner through Melodifestivalen and the song who will represent the Swedish music honour in Europe. Well, I say honour, but the truth is the Sweden failed to qualify last year and must compete in a…

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