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Musikblogg: Fill in the Blank with SVT’s Musikkalendern Posted by on Dec 4, 2020

SVT is treating us this year with the premier of Musikkalendern (Music Calendar). In typical advent calendar fashion, a different artist gives a personal greeting and in-studio performance each day of December until Christmas. The best of the best in indie, pop, rap, and rock, and classic vocals join together in an attempt to bring…

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Mid-August Means Crayfish and Moon Illusions Posted by on Aug 21, 2020

Kräftmånar. Photo: Carolina Romare / Image Bank Sweden

What do harvest moons and crayfish have in common? They can both be seen, and the crayfish eaten, around mid-august. When kräftskiva – Crayfish Party is on the docket, Swedes revel in the last bit of summer with outdoor garden fests, lots of decorations, messy crayfish eating, and, japp, drinking ALL the drinks. A little bit…

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Bake your own Swedish pepparkakor! Posted by on Dec 18, 2019

Each Christmas, I make a few Swedish recipes to share with family and friends. My two favorites are glögg, wine mulled in spices, and pepparkakor, crispy, spicy ginger cookies. While these recipes are old classics, I love them because they are also staples for modern Swedish holiday celebrations. Many Swedish-American food traditions are recipes that…

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Get to know Swedish Julkalender Posted by on Nov 26, 2019

Julkalender is an annual television event of epic proportions. Swedish Television, SVT, goes all-out to produce an original Christmas-themed series that Swedes both young and old look forward to. The show premiers on December 1st and concludes on Christmas Eve. Keeping up with julkalender is like having one of those advent calendars where you…

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Glad Lucia! Happy Saint Lucy’s Day. Posted by on Dec 13, 2016

It’s December 13, which can mean only one thing: it’s Lucia in Sweden! We’ve collected four posts about the Lucia tradition. You’ll get some history, some music, and even some food. So check them out in the post below. First, I have to call myself out for a bit of erasure. I often write about…

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Top 10 Swedish Posts of 2015 Posted by on Dec 31, 2015

For a lot of people, today is the last day of 2015, which means it’s time for the requisite retrospective. Let’s take a look at the top ten posts with the most visitors on the Swedish language blog. We’ll start at ten and work our way backwards to the most popular post of 2015. Swedish…

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Swedish Christmas Food – Lutfisk Posted by on Dec 24, 2015

Swedes celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve—December 24. But that doesn’t mean they don’t take full advantage of the holiday. Come the end of November, you’ll start seeing restaurants, hotels, catering services all offering a julbord. Literally, Christmas table, a julbord is the Christmastime smorgasbord (another Swedish word, by the way) filled with food and drink…

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