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Learn tenses with time adverbs in a fun way Posted by on Feb 24, 2016

Do you recognize yourself being a tired student is class sometimes and your thoughts might go somewhere else than actually focusing on the subject. Well, I have noticed this with many of students so I started making my own board games. My inspirations was based on some old language books from the 80s. If you…

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Time Adverbs with certain tenses Posted by on Nov 16, 2011

Yesterday då (then) i morse (this morning) igår (yesterday) i förrgår (the day before yesterday) häromdagen (the other day) förra veckan (last week) förra månaden (last month) i fjol/fjor (last year) för….x år sedan ( x years ago) *Use Swedish verb forms in Simple Past (preteritum aka. imperfekt) I ate breakfast with her yesterday. Jag åt frukost…

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