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Even Spicier… Bisatser with Adverbs! Posted by on Jul 24, 2020

Credits: Tina Stafrén/imagebank.sweden.se

Last week I covered dependent clauses, or bisatser, and some common words to know when using presenting a bisats. So, have you practiced?! Vad bra, we’re going to do bisatser 201 now. Specifically, what to do when adding an adverb into your bisats.  I mentioned last week that bisatser consist of an intro word (bisatsinledare)…

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Spice it Up with Bisatser! Posted by on Jul 17, 2020

Credits: Henrik Trygg/imagebank.sweden.se

Simple main clauses getting you down? Spice them up with a bisats! A bisats, or dependent clause, helps us add flavor to sentences by adding context, conditions, and reasoning to verbal and written Swedish.  Again, a bisats is a subordinate clause, or dependent clause, that accompanies a main clause. It can’t stand alone as its…

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Swedish Short Answers Posted by on Dec 10, 2019

Today I’d like to focus on Swedish kortsvar, or short answer format. This comes into play when answering yes or no questions and uses an inverted structure. Essentially, it’s the “yes, I do” or “no, I do not” of Swedish.  There are a few different ways of answering questions in Swedish. The first way is…

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What do you usually, often, never do in Swedish? Posted by on Nov 19, 2019

Last week’s blog post was all about how helping verbs describe what we “can, need, must, may” do. In this post, we’ll discuss the Swedish word brukar, or “usually”, which also functions as a helping verb. This verb comes in handy when talking about your daily routine, what you usually do in your free…

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Word Order in Subordinate Clauses Posted by on Mar 3, 2009

Remember when we talked about adverbial clauses? Yes, boring grammar stuff today, sorry! But we haven’t quite finished with the subject, and actually, the bit we will discuss today is interesting. What, you didn’t know that grammar can be interesting? Don’t believe me? Just wait and see for yourself! (And it’s easy, too – I…

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If – om, Adverbial Clauses Posted by on Feb 10, 2009

A couple of posts back Mo asked how to say stuff like “if you are….I am ….” And since she asked, I thought it would be a good idea to talk today about adverbial clauses (adverbialsbisatser). What is an adverbial clause? It’s when an entire subordinate clause sentence can act as an adverbial. Uh-huh, I…

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How to Make Questions Posted by on Jan 20, 2009

All this talk about how bad the economy is and how we are struggling in the midst of a serious recession, and guess who went on vacation? Anna did! When you read this post, I will be frolicking on the beaches of Antigua. Or maybe Barbuda. This year I decided not to use a Swedish…

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