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Talking about specific years in Swedish Posted by on Jun 5, 2015 in Grammar, Swedish Language

In English, when you want to say that something happened during a specific year, you say, for example:

IKEA was founded in 1943.

In Swedish, you express this slightly differently; namely, you leave out the preposition “in”. The same sentences is said in Swedish as this:

IKEA grundades 1943.

In other words, it would be wrong to say *i 1943. The same goes for if you choose to add the word for “year”, år:

IKEA was founded in the year 1943.
IKEA grundades år 1943.

Notice that the article “the” is not translated into Swedish in this case. In other words, it is incorrect to say *IKEA grundades året 1943.

Just as in English, you can also say “during the year 1943”, but the article “the” is, again, not translated:

IKEA grundades under år 1943.
IKEA was founded during the year 1943.

Now you know how to talk about specific years in Swedish. Stay tuned for more Swedish posts!

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