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Thanks Posted by on Sep 27, 2010 in The Swedish blog team

Thanks Everybody for all your input! Comments and personal experiences always give a bigger and more interesting dimention to whatever article, post or discussion. Continue the good reading,                SBT

(Swedish Blog Team)

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  1. Efrutik:

    Welcome, welcome, I completely agree. Also could you please tell us more about yourselves too, I think that would be interesting as well.

    And umm by any chance will you be posting any videos here that you make? Just wandering 🙂



    • Katja:

      @Efrutik Right now we are workinn on creating a page with information about ourselves, so hopefully soon you’ll get to know more. And the videos, maybe, I honestly can’t speak for the other bloggers, but I can ask. 😉 Any topic you would like to read about? Sugestions are always more than welcome!!