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VOLVO – a sign of wealth? Posted by on Mar 29, 2011 in Uncategorized

In Sweden the are a couple of VOLVO factories, so quite a few VOLVO cars and trucks are manufactured in Sweden. That makes them much cheaper than in a lot of other countries.

But in Japan, for example, VOLVO cars are an extreme sign of wealth. Rich people in Sweden buy Mercedes Benz, Audis and Cadilacs if they want to show off their wealth, not VOLVO cars. I think most people in Sweden would think it is insane how much people in some countries pay for a VOLVO car. Of course they have a very good reputation for being stable, safe and long-lasting cars but VOLVO cars in Sweden do not have the same status. It is a family car, one that is more convenient than anything. In Japan every time I see a VOLVO I first of all think “A Swedish car!!” and then “That must be a rich person…”

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  1. Jerry Pangilinan:

    And SAAB’s? What are the perceptions of those cars?

  2. Luke:

    VOLVO drivers have a much greater reputation than VOLVO cars in Australia thou 😀

  3. Sergi:

    My perception of the Spanish Volvo owner is also of a wealthy person, who purchased a Volvo because he is afraid to crash into the first lamp post he meets on his road, and he thinks that Volvos and SUVs are the safest cars. They use to be those bad drivers that go at a crawl in the middle lane of the highway.

  4. Christina:

    That’s so funny. I was watching The Girl Who Played With Fire last night and thought “does EVERYONE own a Volvo?! How rich are these people?” Thanks for clearing that up. The prevalence of the Volvo makes much more sense now 🙂

  5. kazu:

    That must be a rich person→
    That must be a dabster