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Constitutional Thai Vocabulary Posted by on Jul 31, 2012 in Intermediate, Thailand Politics

If you have been following Thai news in the last few months, you would have noticed quite a lot going on related to the Thai Constitution. Most of it is highly controversial and very politically charged, so I’ll spare you the details. Proponents of amending the constitution argue that the current one is very non-democratic – and not just because it was written by a military coup government. Opponents to the change argue that the current constitution is democratic and any changes to it can only benefit Thaksin Shinawatra (a highly controversial ex-Prime Minister currently in exile).

Thais sometimes want to know a farangs opinion on the political situation, and so one day you may be asked about it. Or maybe you just like to talk politics. Either way, the below related vocabulary I’ve prepared for you can perhaps help you explain what’s on your mind.


English Karaoke Thai
Charter/Constitution rat4ta2tum1ma1nuun1 รัฐธรรมนูญ
Amendment (for constitution) Gaan1gae3kai5rat4ta2tum1ma1nuun1 การแก้ไขรัฐธรรมนูญ
Bill (for a new law) Yat1dti2 ญัตติ
Constitutional court Saan5 rat4ta2tum1ma1nuun1 ศาลรัฐธรรมนูญ
Constitutional Tuuk2 dtawng3 tee3 ra4bu2 wai4 nai1 rat4ta2tum1ma1nuun1 ถูกต้องที่ระบุไว้ในรัฐธรรมนูญ
Debate, discuss A2pi4braai1 อภิปราย
Petition Kum1 rawng4 dto2 saan5 คำร้องต่อศาล
Submit Yeun2 puea3 gaan1pi4jaa1ra4naa1 ยื่นเพื่อการพิจารณา
Rule (of a court; to make a decision) Pi4paak3saa5 พิพากษา
Verdict Kum1 pi4paak3saa5 คำพิพากษา
Authority (has power to do something) Um1naat3 อำนาจ
Overthrow Kon1 um1naat3 โคนอำนาจ
Illegal Pid2 got2 maai5 ผิดกฎหมาย
Dissolve (a party) Yub4 paak3 ยุบ(พรรค)
Referendum Bra2chaa1ma4dti2 ประชามติ
Coup Rat4bra2haan5 รฐประหาร
Prime Minister Naa1yok4rat4ta2mon1dtree1 นายกรัฐมนตรี
MP (minister) rat4ta2mon1dtree1 รัฐมนตรี
Withdraw Tawn5 dtua1 ถอนตัว
Cast a vote Long2 ka4naen1 ลงคะแนน
protester Puu3 bra2tuwang4 ผู้ประท้วง
political opposition party Fai2 kaan4 ฝ่ายค้าน
Parliament Sa2paa1 สภา
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