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Countries of the World in Thai Posted by on May 6, 2012 in Beginner, Intermediate

There are approximately 150 countries in the world. The average person probably couldn’t name more than half from memory, and point to likely even less on a map. This isn’t necessarily to say they are ‘uneducated’, it’s just we only learn what we are exposed to. For example, in Thailand, Thais are exposed to the countries that border it – such as Burma, Laos, Cambodia, and to a lesser extent Malaysia. They are also exposed to cultures from other countries that are important to them – especially Korean, Japanese, and American export culture. They are exposed to culture due to historical influences, such as immigration from China, Buddhism from India and Nepal, and American influences from the Vietnam War era. And more recently, Thailand has been influenced by tourists from around the world that decided to make Thailand their home away from home.

As such, I’m not going to list all 150 countries in Thai. I don’t want you to spend weeks memorizing something you’ll never even use until you’ve long forgotten it. Instead, I’ll list the countries that will most likely come up in conversations while speaking Thai.

Before we start, the Thai word for country is bpra2tet3 ประเทศ. As for the tones, ~80% of all syllables in the country names will use the mid-tone. If you cannot remember the tone while in conversation, just use the mid tone.

สหรัฐอเมริกา Sa2ha2rat4aa2meh1ri4gaa1 United States
ลาว Laaow1 Laos
กัมพูชา Gam1puu1chaa1 Cambodia
ผม่า Pa2maa3 Burma
มาเลเซีย Maa1leh1siia1 Malaysia
จีน Jeen1 China
อินเดีย In1diia1 India
คานาดา Caa1naa1daa1 Canada
อังกฤษ Ang1grit2 Britain
เยอรมัน Yer1ra4man1 Germany
ญี่ปุ่น Yee3bpun2 Japan
เกาหลี(ใต้) Gow1lee5dtai3 (South) Korea
เกาหลี(เหนือ) Gow1lee5neeua5 (North) Korea
อิตาลี E2dtaa1lee1 Italy
ฝรั่งเศส Fa2rang2set2 France
เวียดนาม Wiet3naam1 Vietnam
ฮ่องกง Haawng3gong1 Hong Kong
ไต้หวัน Dtai3wan5 Taiwan
รัสเซีย Rat4siia1 Russia
ออสเตรเลีย Aaw2dtreh1liia1 Australia
อียิปต์ Ee1yip1 Egypt
อิรัก E2rak1 Iraq
อิรัน E2ran2 Iran
เม็กซิโก Mek4si4go1 Mexico
ซาอุดิอาระเบีย Saa1u2de2aa1ra4biia1 Saudi Arabia


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