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Days, Weeks, Months, and Years Posted by on Feb 10, 2012 in Beginner

In this article I will show you how you can talk about the days, weeks, months, and years with respect to today.

The basic words to learn are:

day wan1 วัน
week aa1tit4 อาทิตย์
month deuun1 เดือน
year bpee1 ปี
this nee4 นี้
that nan4 นั้น
next naa3 หน้า
time wey1laa1 เวลา


The basic literally translation for ‘today’ would be ‘day this’. The literally translation for ‘this year’ would be ‘year this’. The same would go for ‘this month’ and ‘this week’, ‘month this’ and ‘week this’ respectively.

today wan1 nee4 วันนี้
this week aa1tit4 nee4 อาทิตย์นี้
this month deuun1 nee4 เดือนนี้
this year bpee1 nee4 ปีนี้


If you want to say ‘next week’, you simply say in Thai, ‘week next’. Just like in English, that also applies for months and years.

next week aa1tit4 naa3 อาทิตย์หน้า
next month deuun1 naa3 เดือนหน้า
next year bpee1 naa3 ปีหน้า


Just like in English, you cannot say ‘next day’ – we say ‘tomorrow’ and Thais do too. They also have an equivalent for ‘yesterday’. But unlike in English, Thais have a word for ‘the day after tomorrow’. Note: in the word for ‘yesterday’, do not confuse ‘waan1’ for ‘wan1’; the latter means ‘day’ but the first does not.

tomorrow prung3 nee4 พรุ่งนี้
yesterday meuu3waan1 เมื่อวาน
the day after tomorrow wan1 ma4reuun1 วันมะรืน


Today I will go to school.

Wan1 nee4 pom5 ja1 bpai1 tee3 rong1 rien1.



Did you go to school yesterday?

Kun1 bpai1 tee3 rong1 rien1 meuu3waan1 mai5?



I will go to school next month.

Pom5 ja1 bpai1 tee3 rong1 rien1 deuun1 naa3.



How many years have you been in Thailand?

Kun1 yuu2 meung1 thai1 gee2 bpee1 laew4?
5 years

Haa3 bpee1


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