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Drugs in Thailand Posted by on Oct 1, 2010 in Intermediate

In our previous blog we went over various legal terms. The top two reasons a foreigner will find himself in a Thai prison would be from insulting royalty, and narcotics possession. Quite often foreigners are caught at the airport, trying to smuggle (ลักลอบ) the drugs (ยา) to their home country.

[disclaimer] My position is that the use of any substance that negatively alters your brain function is a very bad idea. You only have one brain, and if you damage it (สมองเสีย), it’s never going to fully heal itself. Money given to the Asian narcotics market can also potentially fund gang/mafia activities, including but not limited to murder and the trafficking of women.[/disclaimer]

So why learn these words? I have found that on rare occasion the use of the various drug names was needed in conversation, but for the longest I didn’t know them. I finally gave in one day and asked my Buddhist monk teacher to teach me . . . I got a lot of suspicious comments that day . . . Lucky me, several of these words turned up on my Federal Thai language proficiency test a month later, so I felt vindicated.

After learning a few of the words below, try practicing them by watching this video:

usage example:

My girlfriend is addicted to Facebook.

แฟนผมติด Facebook.

vocabulary (คำศัพท์):

ยา                                  drug/medicine

โคเคน                            cocaine

ยาบ้า                              metaphetamine

ยาไอซ์                          ice (crystal metaphetamine)

เฮโรอีน                         heroine

สบีด                               speed

เอลเอศดี                       LSD (pronounced ‘en et dee’)

กัญชา                            marijuana

บ้อง                               marijuana pipe

สูบ                                 to smoke/inhale (a drug)

สูบบุหรี่                          smoke cigarette

ฝิ่น                                 opium

มอร์ฟีน                          morphine

พิษ                                 poison

ยาเสพติด                       addictive drug

ติด                                  addicted to …

ติดยา                             drug addiction

ผลบวก                          positive (tested)

ผลลบ                            negative (tested)

สมองเสีย                      brain damage

ลอบเอาไป                    smuggle out

ลอบเอามา                    smuggle in

คนลักลอบนำเข้า          smuggler

ลักลอบ                          to smuggle

โรงพยาบาล                  hospital (you know why)

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