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Full Kee vocabulary Posted by on Sep 30, 2012 in Beginner, Culture, Uncategorized

Full Kee has nothing to do with the Thai language – it’s a common name for a chinese restaurant. But that name really bothers me because in Thai, ‘kee3’ means s&%t or ‘crap’. As an adult I shouldn’t be amused by this, but really, a restaurant that is full of kee?

The word kee3 ขี้ is also a very common prefix to many Thai words, most of which have negative connotations. It could mean the excrement of something (like mucus, ear wax, dog dropping, wood chips, etc.). Or, with a Buddhist undertone, it could mean ‘too much of something to the point it is bad’. But, unlike the word standing alone, it’s not rude to say it as a prefix. Many of these words could be used to describe the negative aspects of people.

I’ve compiled a list of the most common cases you’ll run across:

Thai Karaoke Translation
ขี้ Kee3 Waste product, excrement, feces, to crap
ขี้ตา Kee3 dtaa1 The mucus in your eyes (when it comes out as a blob)
ขี้หมา Kee3 maa5 Dog s&%t
ขี้เกียจ Kee3 giat2 Lazy
ขี้กลัว Kee3 gluwa1 Always afraid
ขี้กบ Kee3 gob2 Wood shavings
ขี้โกง Kee3 gong1 Deceitful, always lying
ขี้ขโมย Kee3 ka1moy2 Always stealing
ขี้เหนียว Kee3 nieew5 Stingy with money
ขี้งอน Kee3 ngawn1 Always pouting
ขี้บ่น Kee3 bon2 Always complaining
ขี้มูก Kee3 muuk3 Snot, booger
ขี้เมา Kee3 mow1 Always drunk
ขี้โมโห Kee3 mo1ho5 Always angry
ขี้ยา Kee3 yaa1 Drug addict
ขี้ลืม Kee3 leeum1 Always forgetful
ขี้เล่น Kee3 len3 Always playful (usually a positive intonation)
ขี้สงสาร Kee3 song2saan5 Overly sensitive
ขี้สงสัย Kee3 song2sai5 Always feeling suspicious, doubtful
ขี้หึง Kee3 heung5 Always jealous (in a romantic sense)
ขี้อาย Kee3 aay1 Always shy


Don’t be jealous.

Yaa2 kee3 e2chaa5



My ex-girlfriend complained too much.

Faen1 gow2 pom5 kee3 bon1 maak3 bpai1



I’m very forgetful.

Pom5 kee3 leum1



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