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How to use Peua and Sumrap Posted by on Mar 24, 2014 in Beginner, Intermediate

In Thai there are two different words which mean ‘for’, but they are used in slightly different ways. The first is peuaFเพื่อ, and the second is sumRrapLสำหรับ. It’s ok if you get them mixed up as you will still be understood, and in some cases they are interchangeable.  It’s like in English when you say ‘I want money’ and ‘I need money’, interchangeable and understandable, but the meaning isn’t quite the same. This article is meant to help you tell the two apart.


เพื่อ peuaF

PeuaF can best be translated as ‘for the purpose of …’ and ‘in order to …’

We work for money.
RowM tumMngaanM peuaF ngernM

What is this for?
AnM neeH peuaF aMraiM

This knife is for making food.
MeedF anM neeH peuaF gaanM tumM aaMhaanR

Exercise is for making the body strong.
AwkL gumMlangMgaaiM peuaF haiF raangF gaaiM kaengR raengM

Peua Thai Party (a political party, which means ‘party for Thai’)
PakH peuaF taiM


สำหรับ sumRrapL

SumRrapL is best translated as ‘’is suitable for…’ or ‘is intended for…”

This webpage is for you.
WebM neeH sumRrapL khunM
เว็ปนี้ สำหรับคุณ

Food for the elderly.
AaMhaanR sumRrapL puuF suungR aaMyuH

It’s easy for children.
ManM ngaaiF sumRrapL dekM dekM

A book for teaching students.
NangR seeuR sumRrapL gaanM sawnR nakH rienM

Program for the cellphone.
BroMgraemM sumRrapL meuM teuR

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