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Plant Vocabulary in Thai Posted by on Oct 31, 2012 in Beginner


When I was new to Thailand, I used to not like Bangkok. It was stressful, dirty, busy, overcrowded, had too much traffic, and most importantly, far away from nature. I liked Chiang Mai more for many reasons, some including the natural setting not far away. What eventually got me to start liking Bangkok, amongst many other reasons, was Lumpini Park. It has trees, walking paths, nature, and it is clean. It also has small lakes, albeit filled with giant monitor lizards. And it also had enormous swarms of pigeons, well, at least until they banned feeding the birds a few years ago.

So the next time you plan to stroll a garden, hike the woods, go camping, or teach some kids how to plant a tree, review this below vocabulary list I’ve prepared for you on your way out.


English Karaoke Thai
Plant (noun) Peuut3 พืช
Tree Dton3mai4 ต้นไม้
Flower Dawk1mai4 ดอกไม้
Bloom (verb) Baan1 บาน
Insect Ma4laeng1 แมลง
Leaf Bai1 ใบ
Green Kieeow5 เขียว
Wood Mai4 ไม้
Garden Suan5 สวน
Forest Bpaa2 ป่า
Stick Mai4 ไม้
Shade Ngaow1daed2 เงาแดด
Root Raak3 ราก
Water Nam4 น้ำ
Rain Fon5 ฝน
Sun Pra4ah1tit4 พระอาทิตย์
Seed Ma4led4 เมล็ด
Fruit Pon5la4mai4 ผลไม้
Pot Gra2taang5 กระถาง
Dirt Din1 ดิน
pollen Geh1sawn5 เกสร
grass Yaa5 หญ้า
Plant (verb) Bluuk2 ปลูก
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