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Showing, in Thai Posted by on Mar 12, 2011 in Beginner, Culture, Uncategorized

A very common word you’ll hear in Thai is แสดง, or sa2-daeng1, meaning ‘to show’. By combining this word with other words you can create various useful expressions ranging from acting, performing, demonstrating, showing, displaying, etc.

The one you’ll use the most by far is นักแสดง, or nak1 sa2-daeng2, meaning ‘actor’/’actress’.

เขาเป็นนักแสดง  He/she is an actor.

นักแสดงดัง  Famous actor


The next word is แสดงออก, or sa2-daeng1 awk2, literally meaning ‘to show out’ or ‘express’.

ห้ามแสดงออกความรู้สึก  Do not express emotions.

การแสดงออกของคนรัก  Ways that people express love


The word แสดง can also be used as a noun, such as ‘show’.

งานแสดง  Trade show

งานแสดงสินค้าประจำปี 2554  The product show of 2011


If you include ‘that’, or ว่า (wah3) after แสดง, you can say ‘…shows that…’.

มันแสดงว่าฝนจะตก  It shows that it will rain (ie referring to cloudy weather, etc)

สิ่งไหนที่เค้าแสดงว่ารักเราจริง  Where did he show that he truly loves me?


From a previous less you probably remember the word การ, which effectively adds an ‘ing’ at the end.

การแสดง  Acting


If I wanted to show something to let you see, I’d say it in this way.

แสดงให้ดู  show

It literally means ‘show let see’, or ‘I’m showing this to let you see it’.

อิตาลีได้แสดงให้ดูแล้วว่า . . .  Italy had shown that . . .


Now let’s you’re on Facebook and your friend posts a funny picture. You want to comment in that box right under to express your thoughts. This is called:

แสดงความคิดเห็น  Show your thoughts (or) Post your comment

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