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Thai Numbers, 1 to 100 Posted by on Aug 30, 2011 in Beginner

As Thais typically use the Arabic numeral system, as a beginner you do not need to learn how to write Thai numbers. But on rare occasions you’ll find street sellers posting prices only in Thai, or hotels with room numbers only in Thai.


0 ๐ ศูนย์ suun5   (The ๐ keyboard character is found on the letter Q, while holding shift)

1 ๑ หนื่ง neung2   (don’t confuse this with the Thai letters ค and ด)

2 ๒ สอง sawng5

3 ๓ สาม saam5   (this number almost looks like a 3 that fell down)

4 ๔ สี่ see2   (looks like an acrobat bending his legs over his head)

5 ๕ ห้า ha3   (looks like a guy in the crouching position)

6 ๖ หก hok2   (this number almost looks like a 6)

7 ๗ เจ็ด jed2   (this number is like a 3, but with a tail on the end)

8 ๘ แปด baed2

9 ๙ เก้า gaow3

10 ๑๐ สิบ sib2


Numbers are simply put together just like in the Arabic system. However, ‘one’ is pronounced differently after 10. It’s a special exception.


11 ๑๑ สิบเอ็ด sib2 ed2

12 ๑๒ สิบสอง sib2 sawng5

13 ๑๓ สิบสาม sib2 saam5

14 ๑๔ สิบสี่ sib2 see2


The pronunciation for 20 is another exception. There are two ways to pronounce it, where the second way is shortened slang. There are no other exceptions after 20.


20 ๒๐ ยี่สิบ, ยี่บ____ yee3 sib2, yeeb3 (can only use the shortened version for 20 if something else follows here)

21 ๒๑ ยี่สิบเอ็ด, ยี่บเอ็ด yee3 sib2 ed2, yeeb3 ed2

22 ๒๒ ยี่สิบสอง, ยี่บสอง yee3 sib2 sawng5, yeeb3 sawng5

30 ๓๐ สามสิบ saam5 sib2

31 ๓๑ สามสิบเอ็ด saam5 sib2 ed2

40 ๔๐ สี่สิบ see2 sib2

41 ๔๑ สี่สิบเอ็ด see2 sib2 ed2

78 ๗๘ เจ็ดสิบแปด jed2 sib2 baed2

87 ๘๗ แปดสิบเจ็ด baed2 sib2 jed2

99 ๙๙ เก้าสิบเก้า gaow3 sib2 gaow3

100  ๑๐๐ neung2 roy4

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  1. Richard Mittra:

    Thank you, it was most helpful and made a great deal of logical sense.