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Thai Valentines, part 1 Posted by on Feb 18, 2013 in Beginner, Culture


Valentine’s Day is a western holiday that has penetrated the cultures of countries around the world, Thailand being no exception. And with each year this encroachment of holiday love becomes more pronounced. But as with all good things there is always a negative side – Valentine’s Day in Thailand comes with a statistical spike in unwanted pregnancies. The old-timers then rant on about how in their day society wasn’t falling apart. But I digress . . . 

Anyway, Valentines in Thailand is mostly just like it is in the US, for established relationships. Buy some flowers, take your girl out for dinner, etc. But, the concept of dating is different here in Thailand. In western culture it’s just you and her/him. In Thai culture the girl invites her friends to come along. Sometimes just her best friend. Sometimes all the friends in her neighborhood – I kid you not.

Before you freak out, let me explain the Thai way of thinking. First, having multiple people is a Thai way to break the ice on a date. It’s a bit like hanging out to see if you get along as friends before becoming more than just friends. Plus, people are more likely to act themselves if they are around their friends. Next, as Thais like to spread rumors, it could make her look like a ‘bad girl’ if she is seen spending alone time with some unknown guy. If her friends meet (interview?) you and decide that you are a good person, you’d get to spend alone time with her in the future.  =) 

I personally think dates like this are more fun, and Thais do too. And since the girl usually only brings one close friend with her, consider it a date with two ladies at once.  =P 

Enough of cultural relationship advice . . . it’s now time for me to teach you the language of love, oohhh yeaaaaa. 

Excited yet? You should be, because this is where you have love at first site with a long vocabulary list. And to keep the romantic flame burning, in my next post I’ll show you how to smooth talk with these words. 




Valentine’s Day Wan1 haeng2 kwaam1 rak4 วันแห่งความรัก
Love Rak4 รัก
Heart Hua5 jai1 หัวใจ
Girlfriend/boyfriend Faen1 แฟน
Wife Pan1ra4yaa1 ภรรยา
Wife (informal/rude) Mia1 เมีย
Husband Saa5mee1 สามี
Husband (informal/rude) Pua5 ผัว
Flirt/woo Jeeb2 จีบ
Red Daeng1 แดง
Flower Dawk2mai4 ดอกไม้
Candy Ka2nom5 ขนม
Chocolate Choc4go1laet4 ช็อกโกแล็ต
Kiss Juub2 จูป
Hug Gaawd2 กอด
Pretty Suay5 สวย
Beautiful Ngaam1 งาม
Cute Naa3rak4 น่ารัก
Handsome Law2 หล่อ
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