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The language of Love Posted by on Mar 30, 2022

Yêu (to love) is something everyone is capable of and it comes naturally. Tình yêu (love) is forever a subject in literature, social studies, and common conversation. Whether it was bitter or sweet, we all experienced it.  There are periods that a couple would go through. Each period, they would express their feelings with…

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A Popular Vietnamese Traditional Musical Instrument: Đàn Tranh Posted by on Mar 24, 2022

One of the most popular Vietnamese traditional musical instruments is the đàn tranh, also known as đàn thập lục (16-string instrument). Đàn tranh is a Vietnamese zither, similar to the Chinese guzheng, Japanese koto, Korean gayageum, or Mongolian yatga. It is believed that the Đàn tranh was in use in Vietnam at least since…

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“Little Saigon” in Westminster Posted by on Mar 15, 2022

Last blog, I talked about the “Little Vietnam” in Chicago. This blog, I would like to introduce you to the “Little Saigon” in Orange County, California. California is home to the largest overseas Vietnamese community in the world, and Orange County has been considered the “capital” of the Vietnamese overseas in the United States. Just…

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“Little Vietnam” in Chicago Posted by on Mar 8, 2022

After the end of the Vietnam war, there was an influx of Vietnamese immigrants who resettled in the United States (U.S.), especially in the 80s and 90s. As a result, there are many “Little Vietnams” or “Little Saigons” established in big cities throughout the U.S., where one can find Asian groceries and Authentic Vietnamese restaurants…

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