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Dandelion Plant – Love and Hate Posted by on Apr 12, 2021

In Vietnamese, the dandelion plant is called cây Bồ công anh. Other common names are cây diếp hoang, bồ cóc, mũi mác, mãn địa kim tiền, and hoàng hoa địa đinh. This plant is considered a type of cỏ dại (weed). You know it’s Spring when hoa Bồ công anh (dandelion flower) blooms everywhere. Most…

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Basic Ingredients in Vietnamese Cuisine Posted by on Apr 5, 2021

Vietnamese food is considered one of the healthiest cuisines in the world in my opinion.  Maybe I’m biased, since I am Vietnamese, but with a lot of fresh ingredients; herbs, and vegetables in every traditional dish, this diet is pretty low in calories but very flavorful and tasty. If you have to pick what basic…

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Bánh Chưng – A Traditional Lunar New Year Food Posted by on Feb 8, 2021

Bánh Chưng (square sticky rice cake) is the signature traditional food of Tết (Vietnamese NewYear). Without bánh Chưng,  Tết would lose its essence! This beloved food has long been a tradition, with a history that extends far back to the Hong Bang period thousands of years ago. According to legend, the 6th Vietnamese king of the Hong…

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