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Tết (Vietnamese Lunar New Year Celebration) – Dos and Don’ts Posted by on Jan 31, 2022

Tết nguyên đán, the 2022 Vietnamese new year will fall on Tuesday, February 1, 2022 of the Gregorian calendar. This will be năm Nhâm Dần (Year of the Tiger). Tết is the biggest and most important holiday of the year for the Vietnamese. Since the government lifted COVID restrictions in most areas of Vietnam, lots…

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Spring, oh Spring! Posted by on Mar 15, 2021

When we talk about the start of Spring season, or mùa Xuân in Vietnamese, it depends on where you are geographically. In the northern hemisphere, Spring 2021 will start on March 20. In Vietnam, people generally consider the start of mùa Xuân (Spring season) as the start of the Tết (Vietnamese New Year) celebration, which…

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