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The Most Famous Vietnamese Heroines in History: The Trưng Sisters Posted by on Feb 28, 2022

Ask any Vietnamese who grew up in Vietnam to name a heroine in Vietnamese history, particularly in ancient history, and I bet you will get the same answer: It’s Hai bà Trưng (Trưng ladies or Trưng sisters), namely Trưng Trắc (the elder sister) and Trưng Nhị (the younger sister) of the first century. They are…

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International Women’s Day Posted by on Mar 8, 2021

March 08 is International Women’s Day. In Vietnamese, it is called Ngày Quốc Tế Phụ Nữ and it is celebrated. Generally speaking, it is a global day to celebrate the achievements of women, as well as a day to mark the revolution of women striking for equality in all aspects of life. Individually, for the…

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