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Photo taken and used with permission from Kandle Dart

Thời tiết (weather) plays a critical role in our lives. It affects our daily activities and our moods to various degrees. I don’t know about you, but the first thing I do in the morning is quickly check dự báo thời tiết (weather forecast), so I know how to dress appropriately for the day, whether I should bring an umbrella, or whether I should cancel my trip in case of incoming bad weather. It has become my habit for so many years now and I bet many of you are doing the same.

In conversation, thời tiết also is a subject that we often mention and discuss. Thus, familiarity with some weather vocabulary is essential. Below are some words I think are the most common used in weather forecasts.

·       Mưa Shower
·       Nắng Sunny
·       Tuyết Snow
·       Gió Wind
·       Bão Storm/hurricane/typhoon
·       Lụt Flood
·       Sương mù Fog
·       Mây Cloud
·       Khô ráo Dry
·       Ướt Wet
·       Nóng Hot
·       Lạnh Cold
·       Mưa đá Hail
·       Sấm Thunder
·       Chớp Lightning
·       U ám Overcast
·       Lốc xoáy Tornado


·       Nhiệt độ Temperature
·       Độ ẩm Humidity
·       Áp suất Pressure
·       Khí hậu Climate
·       Độ Degree
·       Đô C Degree Celsius
·       Độ F Degree Fahrenheit
·       Áp kế Barometer
·       Nhiệt kế Thermometer
·       Nhà khí tượng học Meteorologist
·       Vệ tinh khí tượng Weather Satellite
·       Dự báo thời tiết Weather forecast
·       Biến đổi khí hậu Climate change


  • Hôm nay thời tiết ra sao? How is today’s weather?
  • Nhiệt độ hiện tại là bao nhiêu? What’s the current temperature?
  • Dự báo thời tiết thế nào? What’s the weather forecast?
  • Ngoài trời có mưa không? Is it raining outside?
  • Ngoài trời có lạnh không? Is it cold outside?


Before the weather apps existed, people were pretty good at predicting the weather based on their experience and knowledge passrf down from generation to generation. I remember my grandmother often looked at the sky during the day and the moon at night to make weather predictions for the next day, or even for a whole season. I learned a few tricks from her back then, but has forgotten it all. The only thing I know and experience is when the weather changes drastically, I feel that my body is aching with chills running throughout my leg bones.

There are a lot of folk verses about weather predictions. but I can only list some here. Tell me in the comments below about your experience predicting the weather based on your own observations, and whether you think these folk verses are inaccurate or scientifically true.

  • Chớp đông nhay nháy, gà gáy thì mưa: Lightning in the east as the rooster crows, then rain is coming
  • Trăng quầng thì hạn, trăng tán thì mưa: Lunar corona means drought, lunar halo means rain
  • Tháng bảy kiến bò, chỉ lo lụt lội: Ants coming out in July, be wary of flood.
  • Chuồn chuồn bay thấp thì mưa, bay cao thì nắng, bay vửa thì râm: Dragonfly flies low then it rains, flies high then it’s sunny, flies middle then it’s cloudy.
  • Sao dày thì mưa, sao thưa thì nắng: Lots of stars (in the evening sky) then rain is coming (next day), scattered stars then it’s sunny (the next day).

Next blog, I’ll talk about the weather in Vietnam generally. Here is the spoiler: the climate in the north, central, and southern regions are completely different!

Photo taken and used with permission from Kandle Dart

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