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Definite Nouns : Pronouns (1) الضمائر Posted by on Mar 25, 2011 in Arabic Language, Grammar, Language, Vocabulary

A pronoun is a noun or word that refers to any of the three persons;

    1- The first person pronouns ضمائر المتكلم  referring to the person speaking.

    2- The second person pronouns ضمائر المخاطب referring to the person addressed. 

    3- The third person pronouns ضمائر الغائب   referring to the absent person or thing. 

 Types of Pronouns

There are two types of pronouns.

(1)   The Visible Pronoun الضمير البارز  

– It is a pronoun that is stated in the sentence. It has a physical existence. You have to write

it either as a separate word or as a suffix attached to another word.

(2)   The Invisible pronoun الضمير المستتر  

– It is not stated in the sentence. It has no physical existence but it is understood from

context. Its meaning is implied in the sentence; it is just hidden.

Types of the Visible Pronouns

The Visible (written or spoken) pronoun has two forms. It can be :

(1)   The Separate Pronoun الضمير المنفصل  

 This type has two sub-categories according to the job it does in the sentence. So we have:

A)    Subject Pronoun ( ضمير رفع (فاعل  which in turn can be :

  •    First Person ضمير المتكلم : ( I = أنا   /  We =نحن )
  •   Second Person ضمير المخاطب : (You = أنتَ / أنتِ / أنتما / أنتم / أنتنّ )
  •   Third Person ضمير الغائب : (He = هو / She = هى / Dual = هما / They (M.) = هم / They (F.) = هن )

(Note: These pronouns act as the Subject of a sentence and are written as separate words.

 B)    Object Pronoun   (  ضمير نصب ( مفعول  which in turn can be :

  • First Person  ضمير المتكلم  : (me = إياي / us = إيانا )
  • Second Person ضمير المخاطب : (You = إياك / إياكِ / إياكما / إياكم / إياكنّ )
  • Third Person ضمير الغائب : (him = إياهً / her = إياها / Dual = إياهما / them = إياهم / إياهنّ )

(Note: These pronouns act as the Object of a sentence and are written as separate words.)


Next Time, We will discuss the other type of the Visible pronouns :

The Attached Suffix Pronouns.  

Check us back soon

Peace سلام   /Salam/ 


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    This has been very helpful ya Ustadh Fisal. It was great that it pops-up in the search. Thanks
    Heba Arafa

  2. Fisal:

    ِAhlan Ahlan Dr Heba. I hope you are doing fine.
    You are very welcome and I think this post will be of some help too. I have collected the links to my grammar posts in one post here:
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