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Khussa: A Traditional Footware Posted by on Jun 16, 2017

Footwear is considered an extension of one’s personality. Well-maintained footwear says things about the owner, with cleanliness as the most important concern. Although the intricacy of this craft may have been lost to modernization, their influences are still present in shoes today. A Tradition continues in Pakistan as this traditional Khussa (Urdu: کھسہ) is made by craftsmen engaged…

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Facts about Urdu Posted by on Jun 9, 2017

Urdu is a living language which, according to estimates, is spoken by close to 100 million people around the world. It is the official language of Pakistan, a status which it shares with English. It is also spoken and understood in parts of India, Bangladesh, Nepal, the Middle East, and many other countries around the world where…

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Pakistani Mangoes Posted by on Jun 2, 2017

Over the past few years the US market has eagerly adopted Vietnamese dragon fruit and Brazilian Acai . The past year or so has added yet another coveted fruit to the mix: Pakistani mangoes, which some claim are the sweetest, most delicious in the world. The mangoes which have hit shelves in Chicago and New York are also sold online.…

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It’s Ramadan! Posted by on May 28, 2017

Ramadan رمضان  is the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar and began on Monday, June 6th, 2016. Ramadan is a month of fasting observed by Muslims, and is considered to be one of the holiest times of the year. It was established as a holy month for Muslims after the Quran was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad…

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Urdu (اردو)- The Beginning Posted by on May 24, 2017

Upon the conquest of the lands past the Indus, the Muslim armies gathered and prepared for their battles.  The strength of the communication between them could be the determinant of their fate.  Thus was laid the foundations of the Urdu (اردو) language.  It began with Muhammad bin Qasim, the Arab who entered what is now…

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