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10 Uses of the 100 Most Common Words in Arabic Posted by on Feb 26, 2014 in Arabic Language, Grammar

Marhaba! Many of you asked me to provide you with a couple of sentences from my previous post that listed the 100 most commonly used words in Arabic. I think it’s pretty useful to see how these words can be used in a sentence. This will improve your writing skills as well as provide you some basic ways to use these words for your own writing. My plan for the next couple of months is to try to get through most of the words on the list so that you will have multiple examples of sentences. The compilation of these posts will be most useful to you as you begin to learn Arabic, improve your skills, or just have an example of how these words can be used in a sentence.


Today, I am sharing 10 examples of how these words can be used in a sentence. I will provide you with the sentences in Arabic with an English translation. I advise you all to learn the common words, if you have not already, and go over them again even if you know most of them. Think of them as building blocks! I am confident this will give you a huge leg up when writing, reading, and listening to Arabic.

1. أحب أن أشرب القهوة في الصباح.

1. I like to drink coffee in the morning.

2. إنتظرالرجل وقت طويل على الطريق.

2. The man waited a long time on the road.

3. هل تريد كوب من الشاي؟

3. Would you like a cup of tea?

4. من فضلك, أريد طبقاً من الدجاج وأخي أحمد يريد طبقاً من السمك.

4. Please, I would like a dish of chicken and my brother Ahmad would like a dish of fish.

5.  يا أبي, كان امتحان اليوم سهل جداً.

5. Father, today’s test was very easy.

6. هناك عصفور يزقزق خارج النافذة في الشجرة.

6. There is a chirping bird outside the window in the tree.

7. ذهَبَ الكثير من الرياضيين الى الألعاب الأولمبية في سوتشي.

7. A lot of athletes went to the Olympic Games in Sochi.

8. الحصول على علامات عالية في المواد المدرسيَّة يضمن الدخول الى جامعة جيّدة.

8. Getting high grades in school subjects guarantees entering a good university.

9. استخدام الهاتف الخليوي في المستشفي ممنوع.

9. Using the cellular phone in hospitals is forbidden.

10. علينا أن نكون جاهزين عندما تأتي الحافلة لتُقِلَّنا الى المدرسة.

10. We have to be ready when the bus comes to take us to school.

Stay tuned for upcoming posts.

Have a nice day!

نهاركم سعيد


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