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‘Real love, lasts long, baby’ – ‘الحب الحقيقي بيعيش يا حبيبي’ Posted by on Feb 14, 2018 in Arabic Language, Vocabulary

It’s valentine’s day عيد الحب! On this occasion, today’s post is dedicated to a song أغنية called ‘Real Love’ by the Egyptian singer: Mohammed Fouad محمد فؤاد 

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The song (see clip below) was released in 1998 and it is in Egyptian Arabic. It’s considered one go Mohammed’s Fouad’s classics and one that Is still probably stuck in many people’s heads until today!

The English translation>>>

الحب الحقيقي

Real Love


الحب الحقيقى

Real love ..

 بيعيش ياحبيبى

lasts long, baby

بيعلمنا نسامح

it teaches us how to forgive

بينسينا امبارح

It makes us forget about yesterday

بيعلمنا نفكر دايماً فى أيامنا الى جايه

it teaches us how to always think about the days to come

لو نبعد ثوانى ..

If we drift away for seconds

بيرجعنا تانى

it brings us back

وأجرى عليك ياحبيبى وأقولك

And I run back to you and tell you

حقك عليا

It’s my fault (I owe you an apology)

هوا دا .. أيوا دا

This is it.. this is really it..

هوا دا الحب الحقيقى

This is real love


الحب الحقيقى هوا

Real love is that

 الى يحل مرار الأيام

which makes bitter days sweet

لو غلبتنا دموع عنينا

If the tears of our eyes defeat us

نندهله بيجيلنا أوام

we call it and it immediately arrives

أنا عايزك

I wan you to

على طول ويايا

be always with me

فى الفرح وفى الجرح معايا

in happiness and pain, with me
ولا خطوة أمشيها ولا بدايه

I shall take no step or make any start

 غير إيدك فى إيديا

unless your hand is holding mine

مش عايزك

I don’t want you to

ولا يوم تظلمنى

I don’t want to wrong me, not even a day

 فى الحلوة وفى المر قاسمنى

you share the good (sweet) and bad (bitter) with me

من غير ما أتكلم تفهمني

without sayin a word, you understand me

من نظرة عنييا

from the look of my eye

هوا دا .. أيوا دا

This is it.. this is really it..

 هوا دا الحب الحقيقى

This is real love


أوعدنى لانبكى ونتألم

Promise me that we don’t cry or feel pain

ولا نعرف غيرة ولا فراق

and that we never experience jealousy or go through a separation

اوعدنى إن أنا وانت نعلم

Promise me that you and I teach

 حكايتنا لكل العشاق

our story to all lovers

أنا عايزك

I want you to

 تبقى أنت زمانى

be my everything
ومكانك فى الدنيا مكانى

and what you have in life is mine

كل ما أقولك عايز تانى

Whenever I ask you for more

من حبك تسقينى

you give me more from your love

وأنا مطرح ما الدنيا تاخدنى

And wherever life takes me

 وخطاوي الأيام تبعدنى

and days take me away from you

مش ممكن هتفارق حضنى

you’ll neither leave my arms

ولا هتغيب عن عينى

Your picture will never leave my sight

هوا دا .. أيوا دا

This is it.. this is really it..

 هوا دا الحب الحقيقى

This is real love

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