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Arabic Verbal Noun (Form II-V) Posted by on Aug 7, 2009

In the previous post, I explained that the verbal noun (المصدر) is a very important noun that refers to the action implied in the verb, e.g. (كتابة) “writing” -as a process-, derived from the verb (كتب) “to write”. I also explained that there is not a single pattern to follow to form the verbal noun…

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Arabic verbal noun – Verb form I Posted by on Aug 3, 2009

Verbal noun (المصدر) is a very important derivative in Arabic. It is a noun derived from the verb to refer to the action or activity implied in the verb, e.g. drive/driving, eat/eating, work/working, etc. They can be used in similar contexts to the use of verbal nouns in English, e.g. “I like swimming.” (أحب السباحة)…

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Arab School days – The morning line Posted by on Aug 1, 2009

School days in the Arab world have a very interesting and special ritual, i.e. the morning line (طابور الصباح). It usually begins half an hour before teaching begins, i.e. at 7.30. When the bell (الجرس) rings, all pupils line up together. They stand in twos in a special place for each class. The class teacher…

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