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Arab School days – The morning line Posted by on Aug 1, 2009 in Culture

School days in the Arab world have a very interesting and special ritual, i.e. the morning line (طابور الصباح). It usually begins half an hour before teaching begins, i.e. at 7.30. When the bell (الجرس) rings, all pupils line up together. They stand in twos in a special place for each class. The class teacher or the teacher of the first period (الحصة الأولى) stands in front of the line. PE teachers organize pupils through performing simple exercises. Then, the school news program (الإذاعة المدرسية) begins. It begins by reading verses of the Quran (القرآن الكريم), prophetic saying (الحديث الشريف), current affairs (الأحداث الجارية), and interesting information (معلومات شيقة). Announcements are also made for students during this time. One of the most important ceremonies in the morning line is singing the national anthem (النشيد الوطني) and saluting the flag (تحية العلم). At the line, teachers usually go around to check that students wear the school uniform (الزي المدرسي), and they give warning to students who do not comply with school uniform.

Most pupils do not enjoy the morning line. When I was a pupil, I did my best to avoid the boredom of the line by being one of the readers of the news program. However, I now look back at these days with great appreciation. I think that the morning line plays an important organizational role and prepares pupils for the rest of the school day.

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