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Birth of a Prophet (571 – 632) Posted by on Feb 4, 2012

Birth of a Prophet (571 – 632) مــِــيـــلادُ نــَــبـــِــىّ       Today in the Islamic Calendar is the 12th of رَبـــِـــيــــعُ الأوَّل Rabi’ Al-Aw’wal  1433 A.H. (After  Hijra) which is the birthday of prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him). The day was a Monday and the Islamic Calendar depends on the moon cycle unlike the Gregorian Calendar…

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O, my Birthday; You have come back ! Posted by on Feb 3, 2012

       Most of us have had some sad experience in this life as sadness is a universal feeling. Lots of poets have expressed that feeling and many singers have sung these poems. Today, I am going to present a sad song from the Egyptian movie “A Day without Tomorrow يـَــومٌ بــِـــلا غــَـــدٍ “. The movie…

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