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Listening comprehension exercises in Arabic with answers Posted by on Jan 16, 2013

In this post, I present the answer of the listening comprehension questions presented in my previous post. Here is the transcription of the text: كشف تقرير بريطاني أن نصف الغذاء المنتج في العالم تقريباً يكون مصيره في القمامة، وذلك لسوء أعمال الحصاد والتخزين ووسائل النقل، إضافة إلى السلوك غير الرشيد للبائعين والمستهلكين. وذكر التقريرُ أن…

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Listening comprehension exercises in Arabic Posted by on Jan 15, 2013

Watch the video and answer the questions that follow: You can use the vocabulary provided to assist you. كشف   = revealed مصير = destiny القمامة = rubbish الحصاد = harvest التخزين = storing النقل = transporting الرشيد = wise بائع = seller مستهلك = consumer بائع التجزئة = retailer فقدان = loss رفض = refuse…

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The Voice of Lebanon Posted by on Jan 7, 2013

Marhaba! In this post, I would like to introduce you all to an iconic music legend and legendary artist Wadih el Safi (وديع الصافي), known as the ‘Voice of Lebanon’. He is an accomplished musician, talented songwriter and recognized actor. I will also post one of his most famous musical masterpieces: an old song from…

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A Diplomatic Clash between Egypt and Cyprus Posted by on Jan 3, 2013

Ahlan wa Sahlan 2013!! We are already two days in the new year!! Time really flies. I hope you had time to work on your New Year Resolutions! The important thing is that you strive to meet your goals and work hard on keeping your resolutions!! I know I will be working hard to keep…

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