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Listening comprehension exercises in Arabic Posted by on Jan 15, 2013 in Arabic Language, Vocabulary

Watch the video and answer the questions that follow:

You can use the vocabulary provided to assist you.

كشف   = revealed

مصير = destiny

القمامة = rubbish

الحصاد = harvest

التخزين = storing

النقل = transporting

الرشيد = wise

بائع = seller

مستهلك = consumer

بائع التجزئة = retailer

فقدان = loss

رفض = refuse

محاصيل = harvest

توافق مع = comply with

معايير = standards

يتخلص من = dispose of

مدلول = meaning

جودة = quality

صلاحية = validity


Now answer the following questions:

1-      What did the British report reveal?

2-      According to the report, what is the cause of food loss?

3-      How much food does the world produce annually?

4-      How much of the food produced is wasted?

5-      Why do retailers refuse some fruit and vegetable produce?

6-      Why do consumers waste food?

 Come back soon for the answers and transcription!


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