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Chicken soup with corn Posted by on Mar 31, 2015

This post presents an easy way of preparing chicken soup with corn. شوربة الدجاج و الذرة المقادير: 2 صدر دجاج مخلي و مقطع مكعبات صغير ١ كوب ذرة معلبة 1 مغلف شوربة كريمة الدجاج 4 أكواب ماء فاتر 2 ملعقة طعام زيت ذرة الطريقة: يشوح الدجاج مع الزيت في مقلاة متوسطة حتى ينضج ثم تضاف…

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Learn the 10 Most Common Words about Government and Politics in Arabic (2) Posted by on Mar 30, 2015

Marhaba! I am confident that you all both refreshed your memory and learned the 10 most common words about government and politics in Arabic. You will come across most if not all these words in any daily Arabic newspaper. In the wake of the Arab Spring, the question of government types and relationship between politics…

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Learn the 10 Most Common Words about Government and Politics in Arabic Posted by on Mar 29, 2015

Marhaba! Whether you are living in democracy, autocracy, or theocracy, we all agree that government plays an important and major role in our lives. Be it from taxes to civil liberties (or lack thereof), all states around the world have some higher body for regulating affairs. Even though one might feel repressed under certain regimes…

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Arabic Nouns: Case Posted by on Mar 27, 2015

Ahlan أهــْــلاً , Arabic lovers! Today, we go back to Arabic Grammar. We are going to study the three cases of Arabic Nouns. Any Arabic noun falls into one of three categories or cases: The Nominative Case حــالــة الــرفــع: It means that the noun is marked by a Dammah ضــمــّــة (or an equivalent) on the…

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Nizar Qabbani: “Hamlet; The Poet” Posted by on Mar 26, 2015

   Ahlan أهــْــلاً , Arabic lovers! Today, I am presenting a beautiful love poem by the great Arab poet Nizar Qabbani نــِــزَار قــَــبــَّــانــِــي . The poem is entitled; “Hamlet; The Poet هــامــلــت شــاعــراً“. In the poem, the lover rushes in his love like Hamlet. He borrows some lines from Hamlet and adapts them to the…

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Egyptian Proverbs (9) Posted by on Mar 25, 2015

   Arabic proverbs الأمــْــثــَــال الــعــَــرَبــِــيــَّـــة reflect the beauty جــَــمــَــال of the Arabic Language and the wisdom حــِــكــْــمــَــة of the Arabs and their culture. In Egypt, these proverbs are part of everyone’s daily routine. There is no one single situation مــَــوْقــِــف that would not have the perfect proverb tailored for it. Just for the sake of…

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Practice Negation Posted by on Mar 23, 2015

In this post, we revise the different ways of negation (النفي) in Arabic. In Arabic, we usually use special particles to negate different constructions. Below is a list of the common ways of negation. Present tense verbs are negated by (لا) Past tense verbs are negated by (ما) or by (لم + present tense) Future…

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