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Mothers in the Arabic Literature Posted by on Mar 22, 2015

    Ahlan Arabic lovers! I would like to start this post with a special thank you to my mother and all mothers; Happy Mother’s Day! The Arab world celebrated Mother’s Day yesterday. The idea of officially celebrating mothers on a special day that coincides with the coming of spring dates back to Mustafa Amin…

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The Top 10 Quotes for Mother’s Day in Arabic! Posted by on Mar 21, 2015

Marhaba! Mother’s Day is celebrated on March 21st across the Arab world. It coincides with the beginning of the beautiful Spring season. In the past, I have shared Marcel Khalife’s beautiful ballad, ‘To My Mother,’ and today, I want to share what I think are the top 10 quotes for mother’s day! Please note that…

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Listening Comprehension Answers: Today’s Phenomenon Posted by on Mar 20, 2015

    Ahlan Arabic lovers! Today was a special and exceptional day for astronomy scientists and for some people who are interested in the astronomical phenomenon. The day witnessed a total eclipse of the sun in some areas. In this post, I present the answers to the Listening Comprehension Exercise: “Today’s Phenomenon”. To view the…

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Listening Comprehension Exercise: Today’s Phenomenon Posted by on Mar 20, 2015

شــَــاهــِــدْ الــفــِــيــديــُــو ، و اِســتــمــع إلــى الــتــقــريــر ، ثــُــمَّ أجـِــبْ عـَــن الأســئــلــة الــتــَّــالــِــيــَـــة : Watch this video, listen to the report and then answer the following questions: الأســـْـــئــِـــلــة Questions عــَــنْ أى ظــاهــرة فــلــكــيــة يــتــحــدَّث الــفــيــديـــو؟       1) Which astronomical phenomenon the video talks about? فــى أى الــمــنــاطــق مــِــن الــعــالــَــم يــُــمــكــن رؤيــة هــذه الــظــاهــرة ؟  2)…

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Amr Diab; “You Were Right” Posted by on Mar 19, 2015

    Ahlan Arabic fans! Today I am presenting a beautiful song by Amr Diab عــَـــمــْـــرو دِيــَـــاب . The song is entitled “You were right كــان عــنــدك حــق“. In the song, Amr speaks to his heart and finds all excuses for himself to be unable to forget his beloved. The songs falls in the 11th…

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Shadi Abdel-Salam: (1930 – 1986) Posted by on Mar 18, 2015

  Ahlan Arabic lovers! Last Sunday, Google showed a picture inspired by the pharaonic civilization showing a Pharaoh فــرعــون sitting on his throne عــرش with the crown تــاج on his head and the Lotus flower (symbol of life and eternity) under the throne. In front of the pharaoh but in a lower level, a person was…

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Have you seen the Arab Charlie Chaplin? (2) Posted by on Mar 17, 2015

Marhaba! I hope you all enjoyed learning about the Arab Charlie Chaplin! Salah is really talented and actually goes a step further than most of Charlie Chaplin’s awesome performances. I am positive that his on-stage-successes will allow him to perform even more on international stages across the world. In this post, I want to provide…

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