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Learn about Minimalism – in Arabic (1) Posted by on Feb 5, 2021

minimal office

This is a three-part post,  an advanced listening piece, based on a short audio clip I recorded about the concept of Minimalism مفهوم التبسيط أو التخفّف. The audio clip (two parts) is in Standard Arabic العربية الفصحى. Today’s post is focused on the key words appearing in the audio clip, in addition to one exercise…

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Let’s Talk About Sports in Arabic Posted by on Feb 3, 2021

Some of us enjoy playing sports الرِياضة and some of us love to cheer on يُشَجِّع our favorite sports team فريق رياضي. I thought in this post, we’ll look at different types of رِياضة  in Arabic and vocabulary to help us talk about الرِياضة. We’ll also talk about football culture ثَقافة كُرة القَدَم in the…

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